Ultra High Pressure Electric Hydraulic Pumps

/Ultra High Pressure Electric Hydraulic Pumps
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    Features of ETTP Series Ultra High Pressure Electric Hydraulic Pumps:
    Reservoir Capacity:1gal
    Flow at Rated Pressure:21-23 in3/min
    Motor Size:1.4hp
    Max. Operating Pressure:21,750psi
    ETTP series higher pressure electric pump is direct drive pump, with lowest cost and smoothly of pressure and flow, compare with the normal booster pump.
    Ultra High Pressure Electric Hydraulic Pumps’ structure is Radial piston pump type, with more higner working pressure and compact structure.

    Pump with Combined seal structure,it can keep the leackage rate get down.
    The pump head with radial loading type, can insure the bearing breakdown when it is operating with higher pressure. Also keep the smooth of operating of pump head better and keep noise of pump is more lower and pressure of pump is smoothly.
    Higher pressure piston sets with indirect type oil input,the high pressure piston sets begin to work when the low piston sets working. it should be reduce the impact and prolong the working life of electronic motor.
    Pump with flood valve and unloading valve,also the pressure should be set up by yourself.