Quick Couplers

/Quick Couplers
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  • Powerful Solutions for Many Application
  • Hydraulic Hose Quick Release Coupler,High Pressure Quick Coupling for Rubber Hose,Hydraulic Union Fitting Quick Release Coupling

    Features of Quick Couplers:
    Max. pressure: 700-1600bar
    Connection: Thread/Flush-face
    NPT3/8” Thread quick couplers:
    Standard on most hydraulic cylinders.
    Recommended for use on all hydraulic pumps and cylinders where space and porting permits.
    Includes “2-in-1” dust cap for on male and female couplers.
    NPT1/4” Thread lock-ring quick couplers:
    For use on hydraulic wrenches and wrench pumps (anti loosening function).
    Includes aluminum dust cap.
    G1/4” Flush-face ultra high pressure quick couplers:
    For use ultra high pressure (bolt tensioners, 21750 psi hand pumps).
    Includes dust cap.
    NPT3/8 big flow coupling
    Suitable for AIPI standard hydraulic Cylinders
    NPT1/4 normal quick coupling
    Suitable for hose,hydraulic pump station and other hydraulic parts
    Thread Sealer:
    When using teflon sealing tape, tighten the sealing tape from one turn away from the end of the thread to prevent it from falling off in the hydraulic system.
    Couplers should be pressurized only when completely connected,and should not be coupled or uncoupled when pressurized.