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    R01,R02, R04, R05, R06 Series, Pump Head
    Displacement: R01: 0.0256-0.3350 in3 /rev
    R02: 0.108-0.117 in3 / rev
    R04: 0.2093-0.2392 in3 / rev
    R05: 0.3710-0.4058 in3 / rev
    R06: 0.1117-0.1166 in3 / rev
    Max. Pressure: 10,000 psi
    Max. Speed: 2000 rpm
    The pump heads adopts double-stage plunger pump structure design.
    The pump heads are equipped with safety valve, high and low pressure switching valve.
    This Plunger Pump Heads are new surplus, in excellent condition, it includes a hard steel pin but could be swapped with another type based on your requirements.