Hydraulic Torque Wrench HLK-03-70

/Hydraulic Torque Wrench HLK-03-70
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    TWHD Series, Low Profile Hexagon Hydraulic Torque Wrench HLK-03-70
    Maximum Torque: 28370 Ft.lbs
    Hexagon Range: 3/4 – 6 1/8 inch
    Nose Radius: 1.17-4.64 inch
    Maximum Operating Pressure: 10,000 psi
    Principle of Torque Wrenches Selecting:
    Please refer to the bolt torque recommendation form. See ” How to Select Hydraulic Torque Wrench ” for details
    Air and electric torque wrench pumps that are idea for use with hydraulic torque wrenches.
    The low profile design is made to fit in small spaces. Rigid steel design-durabilty, reliability and safety. Interchangeable head design, no tools needed for changing.
    Versatility: one hydraulic drive unit per torque capacity can be used to drive any hexagon head within that range.
    Constant torque output accuracy up-to ±3%.
    Dual rotation direction (360°X-axis * 180°Y-axis) hydraulic swivel manifold, connect with screwed quick couplings (available in models of TWHD40,TWHD50&TWHD60).
    Please order drive unit and cassette separately and pay attention to the same size, for example TWHD20 and TWHL20-2375.
    1.Choose the appropriate Drive unit.
    2.Find the cassettes for your application (nut size) .
    3.Add reducers for additional nut sizes, the combinations of use of different cassettes and reducers provide the maximum capability to achieve diverse jobs .
    Select the Right Torque Choose your AIPI Torque Wrench using the untightening rule of thumb: Loosening torque equals about 250% of tightening torque.