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    SHP Series, Hydraulic Pusher
    Capacity:16-30 tons
    Pushing Stroke:23.62 inch
    Maximun Operating Pressure:7310-9050 psi
    Pushing Capacity in Ideal Condition:
    SHP16-600 158 ton
    SHP30-600 400 ton
    It includes two parts: clamping pliers and pushing cylinder.
    It is widely used in various large parts transportation industries.
    Users shall prepare heavy rail (38 kg/m, 43 kg/m, 50 kg/m) and active and passive sliding boots by themselves.
    In order to make the moving weight run smoothly, two sets of machine must be used simultaneously.
    Please lubricate the contact surface between sliding boots and rails before moving operation. It can reduce the friction and better the working condition,but when do this,you should absolutely avoid to stick the grease to the contact surface between pliers and rails just prevent clamping pliers from skid and slide to avoid accident

    SHP Series hydraulic pusher for railed heavy objects moving(“hydraulic pusher” for short), is composed of 2 units: clamping jaw and pushing unit. It’s a new type effective tool to heavy objects’ short-distance moving to installing position.
    With advantages of high power, good stability,continuous moving capability and high efficiency, it is widely applied in heavy objects moving situations and partly replaced the traditional ways that using crosstie and rollers.