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    Gauge Adapters:
    For easy mounting of a pressure gauge onto your system.
    HP7-1XS、HP16-1XS reserved for light weight hand pumps.
    Needle valve: High pressure needle valve can be used with distributor to realize the function of shut off.
    Type of Gauge & Application:
    Pressure gauges measure positive pressure. The most common type of gauge, they’re used with pumps, filters, regulators, and in process lines.
    Vacuum gauges measure negative pressure (vacuum). They’re used with vacuum pumps, packaging equipment, and in suction lines.
    Pressure and Vacuum gauges measure both pressure and vacuum.
    Differential gauges display the difference between two pressure or vacuum measurements. They’re often used with air-handling equipment to control the ventilation of clean rooms and fume hoods.
    Connection Material & Process Media of Hydraulic Pressure Gauge Accessories
    Choose a gauge with a brass connection for use with noncorrosive liquids and gas, such as air and water. For corrosive environments that could damage brass, choose a gauge with a stainless steel connection. If you require additional protection, use a gauge guard between your process and the gauge.
    Process Temperature is the temperature of the media flowing through your system. For steam and other high-temperature media, install a siphon tube to protect your gauge. Also known as a pigtail, the tube is filled with water to provide a protective barrier between the internal parts of the gauge and high-temperature media.