Hydraulic Heavy Lifting Solution

/Hydraulic Heavy Lifting Solution
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  • Hydraulic Heavy Lifting Solution,Hydraulic Synchronous Jack System,Hydraulic Synchronous lifting system

    LSP Series,Hydraulic Heavy Lifting Solution
    Number of lifting Points: 2、3、……、120
    Accuracy: ±0.02 in over full stroke
    Maximun Operating Pressure: 10,000 psi
    Computer controlled synchronous jacking system.
    Fully automatic computer control system.
    Speed lifting controlled.
    Ultra-high pressure balance valve circuit.
    Frequency or pulse conversion speed control for high accuracy of ± 0.02 in
    Adjustable oil flowately control the lifting speed of oil cylinder.
    High-precision electronic control of displacement and pressure detection system.
    Synchronous jacking, synchronous landing, heavy load city weight, etc
    PLC control system, automatic zero finding function.
    Suitable for transportation, railway, bridge, subway, shipbuilding, construction, hydraulic engineering, etc
    Typical Synchronous Jacking Applications:
    Top up, down, heavy construction weighing
    Bridge maintenance
    Roof lifting
    Reinforce support and load from temporary support transfer the support to a fixed support
    Heavy equipment installation
    Segmented bridge jacking and box jacking
    Pile foundation test
    Foundation support