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    BTG Series, Hydraulic Bolt Tensioners
    Bolt Range:3/4″- 4″ M20-M100
    Load Capacity:22.9-265.3tons
    Max. Operating Pressure:21,750psi
    Light weight and compact structure suits operations in small space.
    Special steel body and advanced surface treatment with perfect rust and corrosion resistance.
    Strong versatility and high adaptability.
    Synchronous application available.
    Interchangeable, gravity reset.
    Default maximum working pressure of 21750psi fits high pressure manual pump, high pressure pneumatic pump and high pressure electric pump.

    High quality polyurethane seals for reliable, leak free operation.
    Powerful bolt load capacity.
    15mm Ram Stroke.
    Only 6 base tools to cover bolt sizes 3/4″ to 4″.
    Supplied with Nut Rotating Sockets, no need for drilled nuts.
    Optical over stroke pressure safety device.
    Manufactured from high strength steel for long life.
    Easy Hose assembly with AIPI Link Hose System

    Optional Hydraulic Components
    These products operate at ultra-high pressure,use only the specified fitting and hoses designed for these pressure. For details, please refer to the section “hydraulic components”.
    Ultra-High Pressure Electric Pump:
    ETTP series ultra-high pressure electric pump can be selected.
    Ultra-High Pressure Air Pump:
    PTP series ultra-high pressure air pump can be selected.
    Hand Pump:
    Optional HP series manual pump, HP16-1, HP16-3 for bolt tensioners. See the section of hydraulic pumps for details.For details, please refer to the section “hydraulic pumps”.