Integrated Systems Tools

Hydraulic Ship Transportation Trolley

Hydraulic Ship Transportation Trolley,Hydraulic Transportation Car for Ship Lifting System,Hydraulic Vehicle System for Shipping Transportation SVT Series,Hydraulic Ship Transportation Trolley Capacity:80-300 tons Lifting Height :39.37 inch Max. Operating Pressure:2850-4280 psi Design for “ship building in sections” which equipments need to be transported on long distance. High precision equipment to adjust the ship in three dimensional. […]

Hydraulic Heavy Lifting Solution

Hydraulic Heavy Lifting Solution,Hydraulic Synchronous Jack System,Hydraulic Synchronous lifting system LSP Series,Hydraulic Heavy Lifting Solution Number of lifting Points: 2、3、……、120 Accuracy: ±0.02 in over full stroke Maximun Operating Pressure: 10,000 psi Computer controlled synchronous jacking system. Fully automatic computer control system. Speed lifting controlled. Ultra-high pressure balance valve circuit. Frequency or pulse conversion speed control […]

Hydraulic Pusher

Hydraulic Tools,On-track Heavy Load Rail Hydraulic Pusher,Hydraulic Pipe Pusher Puller,Hydraulic Cylinder Pushing SHP Series, Hydraulic Pusher Capacity:16-30 tons Pushing Stroke:23.62 inch Maximun Operating Pressure:7310-9050 psi Pushing Capacity in Ideal Condition: SHP16-600 158 ton SHP30-600 400 ton It includes two parts: clamping pliers and pushing cylinder. It is widely used in various large parts transportation industries. […]

Synchronous Lifting System

Heavy Lifting Solution,Hydraulic Synchronous Lifting Jacking System,Synchronized Lifting Jacking System LSF Series, Synchronous Lifting System Heavy Lifting Solution Lifting system support 4, 6 lifting points. Can be connected to single-acting or double-acting cylinder with the same or different lifting capacities. PLC-controlled system with integrated 700 bar hydraulic power unit. Variable frequency drive motor (VFDM) and […]