Today, let us talk about working principle of hydraulic wrench, A set of hydraulic wrench is composed of a working head, an electric hydraulic pump, a dual high-pressure oil pipe and a high-strength sleeve. Electric hydraulic pump transmits power source to hydraulic wrench through double high-pressure tubing. More specifically, it generates pressure through motor inside after starting, transfers hydraulic oil inside to hydraulic wrench through tubing medium, then pushes the piston rod of hydraulic wrench, and the piston rod drives the front part of wrench. The ratchet wheel enables the ratchet wheel to drive the drive shaft to complete the pre-tightening work of the bolt.
Among the supporting products of hydraulic wrenches, electric hydraulic pumps are: solenoid valve drive (electric) or compressed air drive (pneumatic). The working head of the hydraulic wrench is mainly composed of three parts: the body (also known as the shell), the cylinder and the transmission parts. working principle of hydraulic wrench , Cylinder output force, cylinder piston rod and transmission components constitute a pair of motion. The distance between cylinder center and transmission component center is the magnifying arm of hydraulic wrench. Cylinder output force multiplied by force arm, which is the theoretical output torque of hydraulic wrench. Because of friction resistance, the actual output torque is less than the theoretical output torque.

Working Principle of Hydraulic Wrench

Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench

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