The working principle of hydraulic jack is that the wrench moves upward to drive the small piston upward. The oil in the tank is sucked into the lower part of the small piston through the tubing and one-way valve. When the wrench presses down, the small piston is driven downward. The oil in the lower part of the tank and the small piston is blocked by the one-way valve. The oil in the lower part of the small piston is pressed into the lower part of the big piston through the internal oil path and the one-way valve. Because of the lever, the lower part of the small pis Enlarge.

The area of large piston is larger than that of small piston. The oil pressure produced manually is squeezed into large piston. According to Pascal’s principle, the area ratio of big piston to small piston is the same as that of pressure. In this way, the force on the hand increases from the wrench to the small piston, and from the small piston to the big piston, so long as the swing handle is switched back and forth when working.

Manual oil pump is continuously pressed into the cylinder, because of the increasing oil pressure in the cylinder, the piston and the weight above the piston are forced to move upward together. When the return valve is opened, the high-pressure oil in the cylinder will flow back to the oil storage chamber, and the weight and the piston will fall together.

All hydraulic jacks adopt spring reset piston, and combine lower closure height and more suitable stroke length. It is compact and powerful, and widely used in power plants, shipbuilding and maintenance, bridges, buildings, mining, iron and steel plants, oil fields and so on. The product has the characteristics of small size, convenient use, flexible operation, labor-saving, easy to carry, saving installation and maintenance time, and improving work efficiency.

Hollow High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinders

Hollow High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinders,Hollow Plunger Hydraulic Cylinder Lift Jack,Large Tonnage Hydraulic Jacks,Ultra High Pressure Hydraulic Cylinder DHC Series, Double-Acting Hollow High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinders Capacity: 30-150 ton Stroke: 7.0-10.13 inch Max. Pressure: 10,000 psi Double-acting cylinder version for fast retraction. Hollow plunger cylinders allows for both,pull and push forces. Dual dust-proof ring structure remains […]


Low Height Flat Hydraulic Cylinder

Low Height Hydraulic Cylinder Lifting Jacks,Single Acting Mechanical Flat Jack Hydraulic Cylinders SFC Series, Single-Acting Low Height Flat Hydraulic Cylinder Capacity: 10 -150 tons Stroke: 0.44 – 0.63 inch Max. Pressure: 10,000 psi Flat design used in confined spaces. Single-acting, spring return hydraulic cylinder. No saddle required with grooved plunger end. Two plunger threads on […]