As a kind of commonly used bolt dismantling and pretightening equipment, hydraulic wrench occasionally needs two or more hydraulic wrenches to work together except in daily use. As the hydraulic wrench is provided with power source through  pump, we will introduce the connection configuration scheme of commonly used hydraulic wrench and hydraulic wrench pump.

Configuration 1: 1 driven hydraulic wrench + 1 wrench pump+ 2 hydraulic hoses + socket
Configuration 2: 1 hexagon hollow hydraulic wrench (composed of working head and power head) + 1 wrench pump+ 2 hydraulic hoses + transition sleeve
Configuration 3: 2  wrenches (or 4 sets) + 1  pump+ 4 hydraulic hoses (8 sets) + sleeve two synchronous operation (four synchronous operation)
Configuration 4: 2  hollow Wrenches (or 4 sets) + 1 pump + 4 hydraulic hoses (8 sets) + 2 synchronous operation of transition sleeve (4 synchronous operation)
In addition, four synchronizations of four hydraulic wrenches and eight synchronizations of eight hydraulic wrenches can be realized simultaneously.

TWHD Series, Low Profile Hexagon Hydraulic Torque Wrench Maximum Torque: 28370 Ft.lbs Hexagon Range: 3/4 – 6 1/8 inch Nose Radius: 1.17-4.64 inch Maximum Operating Pressure: 10,000 psi Principle of Torque Wrenches Selecting: Please refer to the bolt torque recommendation form. See ” How […]

Hydraulic Wrench and Hydraulic Pump

Features of ETTP Series Ultra High Pressure Electric Hydraulic Pumps: Reservoir Capacity:1gal Flow at Rated Pressure:21-23 in3/min Motor Size:1.4hp Max. Operating Pressure:21,750psi ETTP series higher pressure electric pump is direct drive pump, with lowest cost and smoothly of pressure and flow, compare with the normal booster […]