Hand Operated Manual Pump,High Pressure Hydraulic Steel Hand Pumps

The Function of Hand Pump: Industry, agriculture, transportation and construction.
Hand pump is the power source of thread fastener and fastening device. It can control the pre-tightening force accurately and the working pressure of hydraulic oil can reach 300 Mpa. At present, China’s coal, power, chemical and other industries are using high-strength hydraulic nuts or hydraulic stretchers, powered by ultra-high pressure manual hydraulic pump, and achieved good results.
Hand pump is also the power source of smooth conical or cylindrical interference fit disassembly in mechanical equipment. Hydraulic nuts are effective tools for disassembly and assembly of smooth conical and cylindrical interference fit of bearings, gears and rotors. It consists of an annular piston with a sealing ring and a nut with internal threads. Ultra-high pressure manual hydraulic pump is used as power source. Ultra-high pressure enters from the round surface or end face of nut body, which causes relative motion between piston and nut body, thus realizing the disassembly and assembly of interference fit.
Hand pump is the power source of hydraulic cylinder or Hydraulic jack. Function of Hand Pump is an ideal tool for installation and commissioning of heavy equipment.

Portable Electric Hydraulic Pumps

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Steel Hydraulic Hand Pumps

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