It’s the same equipment for removing bolts. What’s the difference between bolt stretcher and hydraulic wrench?
Bolt stretcher and hydraulic wrench are important tools for fastening bolts. They are frequently used in construction, maintenance and repair of shipbuilding, petrochemical, construction, power, mining, metallurgy and other industries. They are very important equipment for the installation and disassembly of large-scale bolts. Their use reduces the work intensity, increases the work efficiency, greatly improves the installation quality, and is more safe.
The working principle of the bolt stretcher is to directly apply external force to the bolt through the hydraulic cylinder, so that the applied bolt is stretched in its elastic deformation range, and the bolt diameter is slightly deformed, so that the nut is easy to loosen. The load exerted by the hydraulic stretcher on the bolt is directly proportional to the oil pressure in the hydraulic cylinder, so that the useful load can be accurately retained.

Hydraulic wrenches are divided into drive type and hollow type hydraulic wrenches, which provide large torque transmission. They are used to tighten and loosen bolts. Hydraulic torque wrench is composed of working head, hydraulic pump and high pressure oil pipe. Through the high-pressure oil pipe, the hydraulic pump transmits the power to the working head, and drives the working head to turn the nut to tighten or loosen. The driving spanner is used with a socket. It is a general-purpose hydraulic spanner with wide practicability. The hollow hydraulic wrench is thin in thickness and can be used in places with relatively small space.
In a word, the hydraulic wrench will tighten the bolt, and finally the bolt will have axial preload, and the bolt stretcher will pull the bolt directly. When the required preload is reached, the nut will be locked, and the pressure of the stretcher will be relieved. Bolt stretcher and hydraulic wrench, It is suggested to choose hydraulic wrench, which is more convenient and efficient.

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