Hydraulic hose in hydraulic wrench is alias high-pressure hose, steel wire high-pressure hose, steel wire braided hose and steel wire wound hose. They are generally divided into steel wire braided hydraulic hoses and steel wire wound hydraulic hoses. How to identify the quality of hydraulic hoses in hydraulic wrench?

  1. Look at the outer rubber of the hose when purchasing the hydraulic hose. When seizing the hose, use the Skinner to remove the rubber. See if the rubber is continuous and continuous.
  2. See if the steel wire layer inside the rubber hose is uniform, the distance of the steel wire and the outer diameter of the straight reinforcing layer.
  3. See whether the thickness of the rubber layer inside the rubber tube is uniform or not, and the size of the inner hole, try the standard joint.
  4. Look at the bonding degree between steel wire and rubber. The bonding degree is not close, but the bonding degree is good.

Hydraulic wrench is a conventional hydraulic torque wrench glove, which is generally composed of hydraulic torque wrench body, special pump station for hydraulic torque wrench, double high-pressure hose and high-strength heavy sleeve. There are two series of driving hydraulic wrench and hollow hydraulic wrench. The driving hydraulic torque wrench is driven by driving shaft to drive the corresponding gauge. Lattice sleeve to achieve nut pre-tightening, as long as the range of torque allows, according to the replacement of the corresponding high-strength sleeve to complete the bolts of different specifications, for the universal hydraulic wrench, the scope of application is wide; hollow hydraulic torque wrench is equipped with transition sleeve. Generally speaking, the screw extends long, the space range is small, the spacing between twin nuts and bolts is too small, the wall between nuts and equipment is too small, or there are many difficult working conditions in some specific industries.

Hydraulic Hose

High Pressure Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic Straight Swaged Hose Raw Materials: P=Polyurethane,R=Rubber Product Type: H=Oil hose assembly, Y=Oil hose Working Pressure: A=10000 psi,B=15000 psi,C=18000 psi,D=23000 psi,E=30000 psi,F=40000 psi Choice the working pressure as per your requirement. Length […]View More