Maintenance of hydraulic wrench is very important. Deformation may cause the wrench not to rotate for many reasons: it may be that the drive frame and wheel are stuck, causing the wrench not to rotate, or that the wheel and pawl are stuck, or that the spring is dislocated. There are many reasons for this phenomenon. We should investigate the above phenomenon and apply the method of “combining male and female” to solve it.

What should we do if there is an oil leak in the wrench? The oil spill may have been caused by loose joints. In this case, we just need to tighten them. There is also the oil spill caused by the cracking of the street during the operation. We just need to change the joint. It is very clever to analyze specific problems and adopt different methods to solve different problems.

Hydraulic wrench is something we use in our work, we must maintain it well. Our own things must be personally maintained, because we are familiar with the structure of this device, maintenance is simple. We need to keep the wrench lubricated, often point on the lubricant, so that the work time is labor-saving and efficient. To replace some parts, we have been using them for a long time. The parts inside are easy to be damaged and replaced frequently, which will not affect our work.

Hydraulic wrench is used to tighten large bolts, which is not often used, but maintenance of hydraulic wrench can not be neglected.

Maintenance of Hydraulic Wrench

Hydraulic Torque Wrench

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