The failure of the hydraulic wrench pressure reducing valve may be because the pressure is too high or lower than the relief valve, or it may be because of unstable pressure.
Hydraulic wrench is a tool that is in great demand at work now. With the advantage of “accomplish a great task with little effort by clever maneuvers”, it has become a necessary tool for automobile maintenance and industrial production. Failure of the hydraulic wrench pressure reducing valve may cause discontinuous behavior of the spool, leading to the instability of the poppet valve, or the formation of air in the oil. At this time, it is necessary to open the small hole in the center of the back pressure fluctuation valve core of the oil discharge, check the internal oil quantity, open the oil pipe of the control valve, and discharge the internal air.
Obstacles to the flow control valve may cause the pressure compensation device to not work, dust in the valve core or impurities in the small holes in the sleeve. At this time, as long as the outlet pressure difference of the flow rate is decomposed and scrubbed.
The flow regulating shaft is too tight. This failure is due to the dust on the adjusting shaft, which is very inconvenient to clean up, because general cleaning tools can’t get there. At this time, the method of measuring is used to allow it to start the scale below 6 o’clock when the pressure is raised for the second time, and perform high-pressure decomposition and cleaning.
The hydraulic wrench should also pay attention to the maintenance and repair of the target control valve. During manual operation, it is found that the oil seal of the valve stem leaks oil. The oil seal may be damaged. At this time, the cylinder head should be opened and the oil seal replaced.

Hydraulic Wrench Pressure Reducing Valve

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