In the working process of hydraulic cylinder, in order to prevent the two pairs of pistons from squeezing the cylinder head, causing noise, affecting the accuracy of the workpiece and even damaging the parts, buffer devices are often equipped at both ends of the cylinder in the system of hydraulic pump station. Its function is to complete the braking of the moving parts through the throttle channel of the oil. The commonly used buffer device has three modes: annular clearance type, adjustable orifice type and variable orifice type.
1. Annular clearance type: when the buffer plunger enters the inner hole on the matching cylinder head, the hydraulic oil can be eliminated through the clearance to reduce the piston speed. Because the fitting clearance is fixed, the buffer effect is not adjustable, and with the decrease of the piston speed, the buffer effect is gradually weakened.
2. Adjustable throttle port: when the buffer plunger enters the inner hole on the cylinder head, the hydraulic oil can only be eliminated by the throttle valve at all times. As the throttle valve is adjustable, the buffer effect can also be adjusted, but this adjustment is the adjustment before the buffer. In the buffer process, the buffer effect is fixed.
3. Variable orifice type: the shaft of the piston is provided with a triangular groove, the flow cross-section is smaller and smaller, and the buffering effect is strengthened with the decrease of speed. The buffer action is average, the buffer pressure is low, and the brake position accuracy is high, which solves the problem of weak buffer action in piston stage.

For hydraulic cylinders that are not used or newly purchased for a long time, there is often accumulated air in the cylinders. (Influence of Hydraulic Cylinder on Piston) The existence of air will make the system of hydraulic pump station unstable and vibrate or creep, so the exhaust device should be set on the hydraulic cylinder. There are generally two modes of exhaust device: one is to open vent hole at the higher part of hydraulic cylinder, and use long pipe to exhaust gas to the vent valve at a distance; the other is to install vent valve directly at the higher part of cylinder head, and two vent valves shall be equipped for double acting hydraulic cylinder.

High Tonnage Hydraulic Cylinder

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