1. It is the most important one in hydraulic tools precautions, Before using the hydraulic tools, Please read all technical documents carefully.
  2. Try to make the working environment clean. If there is any potential blasting in the atmospheric environment of the working site, you should not use an electric pump. Pneumatic pumps should be used. If sparks occur in metal impact, preventive measures should be taken.
  3. Guaranteed operation space: Most of the wrenches are not required to be hand-held. If it is necessary to hold or fix the wrench, other methods should be used to reach the intention.
  4. Prevent electric shock: Ensure that the grounding of the power supply is excellent and the proper voltage is used when using the electric pump.
  5. Wrench should be kept when not needed: the wrench and wrench attachment that are not needed for the time being should be properly stored to prevent damage.
  6. Use a suitable wrench: no need to replace the wrench with a small wrench or an attachment, and do not need an unsuitable wrench to work.
  7. Use appropriate safety clothing: When using manual/automatic hydraulic equipment, gloves, helmets, safety shoes, ear protectors, and other protective clothing should be used.
  8. High pressure tubing: Do not bend the tubing. Always check the tubing. If it is damaged, it should be replaced.
  9. Dust cover and side cover: Everything has a dust cover and a side cover to separate the internal moving parts from the external environment. Do not disassemble or use the unprotected cover.
  10. Careful protection wrench: Check the wrench, power source, tubing, couplings, wires and accessories before use to prevent some common damage. Follow the correct wrench and hydraulic pump protection guidelines.
  11. Prepare the operation before operation: ensure that all hydraulic couplings are connected. Check that the hydraulic tubing is not knotted and that the square head drive shaft remains safe and reliable.
  12. Preparation before use: Turn the wrench to check if it is functioning properly. After the system is pressurized, if the wrench jumps or trembles, stop and then adjust the anti-effect arm again to make it more reliable and safe. Note: When operating, the anti-effect arm should be kept clean and there should be no foreign objects between the arm and the effect surface.
  13. Please use high-quality accessories: Please use high-strength sleeve. Because the high-quality sleeve has accurate scale, it can be matched with the nut. The hidden crack may cause the sleeve to break during operation. Please properly maintain the sleeve during operation. Keep the sleeve clean. Above are Hydraulic Tools Precautions.

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