1. Input high-pressure oil to the hydraulic tensioner cylinder when operate the ultra-high pressure oil pump, the piston starts to work, and the hydraulic tensioner enters the working state. At this time, pay attention to the working pressure of the ultra-high pressure oil pump and the tensile length of the hydraulic tensioners. Control is within the setting range.
  2. When the working pressure and tensile length of the hydraulic tensioning reach the rated value, the ultra-high pressure oil pump should stop working immediately. Insert the toggle handle into the round nut dial hole and turn the round nut firmly in place in the clockwise direction.
  3. In use, the process requires that the elongation of the bit needs to continue to be stretched. After the round nut is tightened in place, the ultra-high pressure oil pump should be relieved according to the operating procedure, and then the toggle handle is inserted into the piston of the hydraulic tensioners. move the handle to reset the piston. Then follow the above method until the process requirements are met.
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