What are the advantages and disadvantages of hydraulic system and pneumatic system in liquid control?
Advantages of hydraulic system:
1. The hydraulic system uses hydraulic oil as the working medium, which can carry the heat generated by power loss from the place where it occurs to another place. If the power is the same, the machine can be lighter and lighter.
2. From the influence of load, the hydraulic system has mechanical rigidity. When used in closed-loop system, the positioning stiffness is larger and the position error is smaller.
3. Compared with the mechanical mechanism, the hydraulic actuator has a higher response speed, can start, brake and reverse at high speed. At the same time, it has a larger moment of inertia and stronger acceleration ability.
4. Hydraulic transmission is easy to realize stepless speed regulation and has the advantages of self lubrication.

Disadvantages of hydraulic system:
1. It is easy to leak oil, which will affect the stability of movement and reduce the efficiency. In view of this shortcoming, AIPI adopts advanced combined seal with wear compensation function to effectively prevent oil leakage.
2. If the oil is polluted by dust or other acrobatics in the liquid, it will cause system failure, so make sure that the hydraulic oil is clean.
3. The oil is flammable and must be kept away from flammable materials.
4. The liquid viscosity is affected by temperature, which makes the oil supply and the movement speed of the actuator unstable.
5. If there is air in the oil, it will cause uneven jumping of the machine.

Advantages of pneumatic system:
1. Move faster.
2. The cost of the components and working medium used is low, which is convenient for the automatic modification of machinery and equipment.
Disadvantages of pneumatic system:
1. The movement is not smooth.
2. There is noise.
3. The volume of control components is large.
Hydraulic system and pneumatic system has its owned characteristic, AIPI hydraulic tools (hydraulic wrench, hydraulic wrench pump, bolt stretcher, hydraulic cylinder) adopt advanced technology, stable operation, high cost performance, it is worth buying.

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