Hydraulic oil determines the performance of hydraulic jack

Hydraulic oil plays a very important role in hydraulic jack. Good hydraulic oil can greatly improve the performance of hydraulic jack and prolong the service life of hydraulic jack. So, what good characteristics should a good hydraulic oil have?
1. Good demulsibility and hydrolysis stability. During the operation of hydraulic jack, water and condensate mixed from different ways are affected by hydraulic pump and other components.
2. Good antioxidant activity. The hydraulic oil will also be oxidized in use. The acid substance produced by the oxidation of hydraulic oil will increase the corrosiveness to metal, and the sludge sediment will block the filter and small gap, making the hydraulic system work abnormally. Therefore, it is required to have good oxidation resistance.
3. Good anti shear stability because the hydraulic oil through the pump, valve orifices and crevices, to withstand severe shear action, resulting in some macromolecular polymers in the oil, such as tackifier molecules fracture, into small molecules, so that the viscosity is reduced, when the viscosity is reduced to a certain extent, the oil can not be used, so it is required to have good anti shear performance.
4. Good lubricity (anti-wear) hydraulic system has a large number of moving parts to be lubricated, so as to prevent the wear of the relative moving surface. Especially for the system with high pressure, the anti-wear requirement of hydraulic oil is much higher.
5. good foam resistance and air release. In the hydraulic tank, because the bubbles mixed with oil circulate with the oil, not only will the pressure of the system decrease, the lubrication condition will deteriorate, but also produce abnormal noise and vibration. In addition, the bubble also increases the area of oil and air contact, and accelerates the oxidation of the oil. Therefore, the hydraulic oil is required to have good foam resistance and air release.

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