Hydraulic Nut Cutter,Hydraulic Bolt Cutter
Features: Hydraulic Nut Splitters from 103 to 193 Ton for cutting nuts
Capacity: 103 – 193ton
Bolt Range: M45 – M90
MaximumOperatingPressure: 700bar
Uniquely designed to suit standard  flanges.
Single-acting, spring return cylinder.
Tri-blade technology provides three cutting surfaces on a single blade.
Interchangeable heads provide maximum nut range flexibility.
Preset scale allows controlled blade extension ,which avoids damage to bolt threads.
Grip tape and handle included for more secure manoeuvring.
Hydraulic Nut Cutter Nickel-plated cylinder body for excellent corrosion protection and improved durability in harsh environments.
Internal Pressure Relief Valve for overload protection.
This series includes cylinder and working head. The cylinder is compatible with different size of the working head for the adaptability of different job requirement.
To order additional work head, cylinder or spare tool head, or to order in sets, see the following table.It can be connected manual pump, portable electric tool pump, portable air tool pumps.

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Single-Acting Hydraulic Nut Splitter

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