What is the performance and special use of hydraulic jack self locking device? Under what working condition is hydraulic jack self-locking device used? The self-locking jack is used for the place where the heavy object needs to be maintained for a long time. It can still support the heavy object on the ground after the oil pressure is removed. It can be used for underwater, single action, load retraction, and the nut can stabilize the load automatically. In large projects, it is a hydraulic jack that is easy to operate. It has a pressure maintaining device inside and a pressure relief valve inside to prevent overload. High pressure rubber pipe and screw joint are selected for connection and quick use. They are mainly used for equipment installation, jacking and dismantling in power, construction, machinery manufacturing, mining, railway bridge, shipbuilding and other industries.

Features of self-locking hydraulic jack: unique design, compact, light weight and easy to handle. The self-locking hydraulic jack has a special guide ring design to provide support for the pressure of the offset center, and the paint surface has super wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant ability. It can be supplied in complete set, and it can select the matched manual pump or electric pump. The hydraulic self-locking device is required in the case of long-term jacking of construction machinery and equipment.

Hydraulic Jack Self Locking Device

Low Height Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinders,High Tonnage Low Height Lock Nut Hydraulic Jack Cylinder SLL Series, Single-Acting Low Profile Lock Nut Hydraulic Cylinder Capacity: 60-520 ton Stroke: 1.77-1.97 inch Max. Pressure: 10,000 psi Single-acting,load return. Low profile design,fit in narrow application area. Special painted surface to increase corrosion resistance. Lock nut ensure the safety of […]