How to use the bolt hydraulic wrench underwater? The water pressure in the deep sea is very high, and the pressure increases by one atmospheric pressure every 10 meters. How do workers screw the bolts on the pipeline when repairing the pipeline underwater?
Use steps of underwater bolt hydraulic wrench:
1. Function of wire control switch button: press the (run) button to push the cylinder forward; release the button to reset the cylinder automatically. Press the stop button to stop the oil pump.
2. Before starting the hydraulic wrench pump, first open (loosen) the pressure regulating valve, and then turn on the power (on) to check whether the hydraulic pump operates normally; then, click the wire control button several times and operate for several minutes to adjust the pressure to the required preset pressure value. The rated pressure is 70MPa.
3. When adjusting the pressure, press and hold the wire control button. When you hear the “snap” of the wrench, the quick release lever jumps down, the wrench stops rotating in place, the pressure gauge rises rapidly from 0, and the other hand slowly adjusts the pressure regulating valve upward, and can be locked with the lock nut.
4. For idle running, put the hydraulic wrench on the ground, press the (run) button, and the wrench will start to rotate. When you hear the “snap” sound of the wrench, the wrench will stop rotating in place; at this time, release the button, and the wrench will reset automatically. When you hear the “bang” of the wrench again, the reset is completed. That is: Run – push – pa – release – reset – PA. Repeat several working cycles, and when the wrench rotation is normal, the wrench can be put on the nut for operation.
5. Remove the nut: adjust the hydraulic pump pressure to the maximum (70MPa), confirm that the wrench turns to the direction of loosening, find the reaction fulcrum, and make sure the cylinder moves forward and backward repeatedly. If it can not be removed, rust removal measures should be taken. If the nut can not be removed, use a larger hydraulic wrench.
6. Locking nut: check the torque corresponding table to determine the pressure setting of the hydraulic pump, confirm that the wrench turns to the locking direction, find the reaction fulcrum, and make sure that the oil cylinder moves forward and backward repeatedly until the nut does not move.
7. When the operation of hydraulic wrench stops, the power supply should be turned off in time.
8. After the work is finished, cut off the power supply, press the pressure relief valve to remove the residual pressure of the system, fully open the pressure regulating valve, and then disassemble the oil pipe.
9. The wrench must be carried out after removing the oil pipe.

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