When using the electric hydraulic pump, open the bleed nut, open the switch on the oil collecting block, plug in the power supply, and quickly connect the joint sleeve with the hydraulic device. Then stand by, turn off the switch to the boosted state, wait until the end of the work, then turn the switch on again, and wait until the hydraulic oil returns to oil before removing the joint sleeve.

Maintenance items to be noted for electric hydraulic pump:
The oil pump should use No. 20 oil;
Store oil in the range of the oil window;
When refueling or changing oil, use a filter to filter. When replacing, first wash and then replace it. Generally, the hydraulic wrench should be replaced once every six months.
The oil temperature is between ten and fifty degrees during work;
Before starting the electric pump, first open the nut and open the switch to the unloaded state;
During use, the motor temperature is too high, stop working, and wait until the temperature has dropped before using it.
The bearings are usually cleaned once every six months and grease is added during installation.

Hydraulic Electric Driven Pumps

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