The Oil Temperature of Hydraulic Pump in the hydraulic system is controlled within a certain range. If it exceeds this standard range, it will bring many bad effects to the hydraulic system. The reason for the increase of oil temperature is as follows:

When the viscosity of oil is reduced, the solvent efficiency of the oil pump in the system will be reduced.

When the viscosity decreases, the field will pass through a small hole or gap, which will lead to an increase in the flow rate, which will change the original working speed and affect the progress of the work.

When oil temperature increases, the oxidation speed of oil will accelerate, and oil will deteriorate, thus reducing the service life of oil.

When the oil temperature increases, the clearance decreases, which affects the movement of the valve core.

The Oil Temperature of Hydraulic Pump is too high, which will lead to the aging of sealed equipment.

There are many reasons that lead to excessive oil temperature, so how to prevent excessive oil temperature?

Keep the position of oil in the mailbox within the prescribed range.

Correct selection of oil viscosity, too high or too low viscosity will lead to abnormal operation;

Always observe if there is enough water in the cooler.

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Oil Temperature of Hydraulic Pump

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