Fault Diagnosis of Hydraulic Cylinder : the causes and treatment methods of hydraulic cylinder misoperation or malfunction are as follows:
(1) The spool is stuck or the valve hole is blocked. When the flow valve or directional valve spool is stuck or the valve hole is blocked, the hydraulic cylinder is prone to malfunction or malfunction. At this time, we should check the contamination of oil; check whether dirt or colloid sediment is stuck in the valve core or blocked the valve hole; check the wear of the valve body, clean and replace the system filter, clean the tank and replace the hydraulic medium.
(2) The piston rod is jammed with the cylinder barrel or the hydraulic cylinder is blocked. At this time, no matter how to operate, the hydraulic cylinder does not move or does little. At this time, we should check whether the piston and piston rod seals are too tight, whether they enter dirt and colloid deposits: whether the axis line between piston rod and cylinder is aligned, whether the vulnerable parts and seals are invalid, and whether the load is too large.
(3) The control pressure of hydraulic system is too low. The throttle resistance in the control pipeline may be too large, the flow valve is not properly regulated, the control pressure is not appropriate, and the pressure source is disturbed. At this time, the control pressure source should be checked to ensure that the pressure is adjusted to the specified value of the system.
(4) Air enters the hydraulic system. The main reason is that there are leaks in the system. At this time, check the liquid level of the hydraulic tank, the sealing parts and pipe joints of the oil suction side of the hydraulic pump, and whether the oil suction crude filter is too dirty. If so, hydraulic oil should be supplemented, sealing and pipe fittings should be treated, and coarse filter elements should be cleaned or replaced.
(5) Initial movement of hydraulic cylinder is slow. In the case of low temperature, the hydraulic oil has high viscosity and poor fluidity, which results in the slow action of the hydraulic cylinder. The improvement method is to replace the hydraulic oil with good viscous-temperature performance. At low temperature, it can be heated by means of heater or by machine itself to raise the oil temperature at start-up. The oil temperature of normal operation of the system should be maintained at about 40 C.  Fault Diagnosis of Hydraulic Cylinder will be continuing.

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