The method of using electric hydraulic oil pump:
When using the electric hydraulic oil pump, open the deflation nut, turn on the switch on the oil collecting block, plug in the power supply, and quickly add the joint sleeve to the top of the hydraulic press. Then stand by, turn off the switch in the supercharged state, wait until the end of the work, then turn on the switch, until the hydraulic oil returns to oil, and then remove the joint sleeve.

Pay Attention to the maintenance of electric hydraulic oil pump:
1. Storage of oil should be within the scope of the oil window;
2. When refueling or changing oil, filter screen should be used for filtering. When replacing, first clean and then replace. Generally, hydraulic wrench should be replaced once every six months.
3. Oil temperature is between ten and fifty degrees at work.
4. Before starting the electric pump, the nut should be opened and the switch should be put in the state of unloading.
5. When the temperature of the motor is too high, it should stop working until the temperature is lower.
6. Bearings are usually cleaned once every six months and grease is added during installation.

Electric Hydraulic Oil Pump

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