Hydraulic wrench pump is a kind of pressure calibration pump, which is mainly used for calibration. It uses liquid as the pressure medium, has its own micro adjustment control, temporarily closes the pipeline pressure, and connects the standard pressure indicator or pressure gauge to the calibration meter through the hose and the rotatable connector. The connector thread can adapt to most of the calibration meters. At this time, it is connected with various pressure indicators as one The special pump of hydraulic wrench has over pressure protection function.

The hydraulic wrench pump is divided into two types according to the flow rate: two-stage pump and three-stage pump. The common two-stage pump is low-pressure gear and high-pressure plunger pump. In order to save cost, the plunger pump is one or two plungers, while the three-stage pump adopts the structure of plunger pump, including four large-diameter plungers at low pressure, two small plunger plugs at medium pressure and two small plungers at high pressure.

Most of the hydraulic spanners are in the medium pressure state when they are running, and the medium pressure flow has the greatest influence on the speed of the hydraulic spanner, while the medium pressure flow is 2.5 times of the high pressure flow, so the speed of the third stage pump is 2 times of the second pump, and the speed of the third stage pump is much faster than that of the second stage pump.

Hydraulic Wrench Pump

Ultra High Pressure Electric Hydraulic Pumps

Hydraulic Torque Wrench Pumps, Electric Driven Hydraulic Torque Wrenches Pump Features of ETTP Series Ultra High Pressure Electric Hydraulic Pumps: Reservoir Capacity: 1gal Flow at Rated Pressure: 21-23 in3/min Motor Size: 1.4hp Max. Operating Pressure: 21,750psi ETTP series higher pressure electric pump is direct drive pump, with lowest cost and smoothly of pressure and flow, compare with the normal booster […]