Understanding the common performance parameters of the pressure of the hydraulic pump station is helpful to select and use the hydraulic pump station better. Do you know how much pressure there is in the hydraulic pump station?

First of all, the rated pressure, under normal working conditions, the continuous and normal operation of the hydraulic pump can ensure the normal working state of the maximum allowable pressure. The rated pressure is determined according to the structure, material and various comprehensive factors of the equipment. During the operation of the hydraulic pump, it must be less than this pressure.
Second, the maximum allowable pressure, which is the maximum output pressure of the hydraulic pump.
Third, the working pressure refers to the output pressure of the hydraulic pump in the actual work, also known as the outlet pressure of the hydraulic pump station, which is determined by the load of the hydraulic pump.
Fourth, the suction pressure, contrary to the output pressure, is the suction pressure at the inlet of the hydraulic pump. The pressure value of the self-priming pump is lower than the atmospheric pressure. Suction pressure should not be too low. If it is too low, it will cause insufficient oil absorption and cavitation.

Hydraulic Pump Station

Hydraulic Electric Driven Pumps

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