Classification and selection of hydraulic wrench:
At present, there are mainly two kinds of hydraulic wrench on the market: drive type hydraulic wrench and hollow type hydraulic spanner. The drive type hydraulic spanner uses high-tech aerospace materials and ultra-high titanium alloy steel casting, so it has the characteristics of high strength and strong toughness.
The Drive type hydraulic wrench can realize 360 degree oil pipe joint, which can meet more space control. The trigger type lock lock is more convenient to use, and has strong fulcrum, and the large tooth ratchet wheel has higher precision.

The Hollow hydraulic wrench is also made of high strength titanium alloy steel, light and thin design, high speed and large angle characteristics, snap type, interchangeable plug-in, no need of special tools, high torque precision, 360 degree rotary joint is more suitable for compact occasions. Full water strength design, more durable, more safe and reliable, to achieve a power head equipped with multiple plug-ins at the same time.

Selection of hydraulic wrench
When choosing the hydraulic wrench, we must master some necessary purchase knowledge. Whether we choose the drive hydraulic wrench or the hollow hydraulic wrench, we must take the function as the premise, and consider the output torque value, power source parameters, humanized design and so on.

Classification and selection of hydraulic wrench

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