The hydraulic wrench’s coarse and fine tooth is divided by the ratchet and pawl. The single teeth engaged by the ratchet and pawl are called coarse teeth, and the multi teeth engaged are called fine teeth. The two structures have their own advantages and disadvantages. We carefully understand hydraulic wrench’s coarse and fine tooth advantages and disadvantages, and select the structure category accurately, so as to improve the working efficiency and the service life of the hydraulic wrench.

Advantages of hydraulic wrench with coarse tooth structure:
1. the large ratchet selected for the coarse tooth hydraulic wrench has a large bearing capacity of a single tooth. It is not easy to break when the material and heat treatment meet the design standard. The service life of ratchet and ratchet is long
2. The spanner usually has a counter force system, which can prevent the nut from reversing during the return stroke. Each stroke will make a clear sound, which is convenient for the operator to operate by the sound. The single tooth meshing structure still has a full load strength design in the design, and the phenomenon of tooth collapse is rare.
Disadvantages: the hydraulic wrench will be stuck occasionally when working. Once it is stuck, it is difficult to remove it from the nut, and the accuracy is relatively poor.

Advantages of fine tooth structure hydraulic wrench:
1. It has high strength and large fusion surface of ratchet and pawl of fine tooth hydraulic wrench.
2. High accuracy. The torque accuracy is determined by a stroke of the set pressure. A stroke of fine tooth structure is close to the set transmission torque according to the change of angle, while a stroke of coarse tooth either passes one tooth or cannot pass, and cannot reach the set torque.
3. Fast.
Disadvantages of fine tooth structure hydraulic wrench:
1. Small bearing capacity, small ratchet design is selected for fine tooth hydraulic wrench, and the bearing capacity of single tooth is smaller than that of coarse tooth wrench.
2. The fine tooth structure requires high machining accuracy of ratchet or pawl, otherwise it will increase the wear of ratchet and pawl structure and reduce the service life.
3. The fracture probability of teeth is high. Although the ratchet and pawl choose to mesh with multiple teeth to increase the bearing capacity, the fracture probability of teeth is still greater than that of the design of coarse teeth structure.

Hydraulic Wrench's Coarse and Fine Tooth

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