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Common Pressure of Hydraulic Pump Station

Understanding the common performance parameters of the pressure of the hydraulic pump station is helpful to select and use the hydraulic pump station better. Do you know how much pressure there is in the hydraulic pump station? First of all, the rated pressure, under normal working conditions, the continuous and normal operation of the hydraulic [...]

Welcome to Visit AIPI in CONEXPO-CON/AGG

CONEXPO-CON/AGG is North America’s largest construction trade show representing asphalt, aggregates, concrete, earthmoving, lifting, mining, utilities and more. The show will be held March 10-14, 2020 | Las Vegas, NV, USA.  and CONEXPO-CON/AGG is held every 3 years in Las Vegas. Acutus Industrial Power Inc. is proud to show Torque Wrenches, Cylinders, Hydraulic Pumps, Hydraulic [...]

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AIPI in POWERGEN International 2019

November 19 - 21, 2019 | New Orleans, LA Ernest N. Morial Convention Center AIPI will take part in POWERGEN International 2019, Please kindly to visit us at BOOTH #3927 Via our website homepage , or click the following picture to register now! Thank you for visiting us, we are proud to show our products: [...]

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How to Control the Excessive Oil Temperature of Hydraulic Pump

The Oil Temperature of Hydraulic Pump in the hydraulic system is controlled within a certain range. If it exceeds this standard range, it will bring many bad effects to the hydraulic system. The reason for the increase of oil temperature is as follows: When the viscosity of oil is reduced, the solvent efficiency of the [...]

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Install Hydraulic Wrench High Pressure Hose Joint

Hydraulic torque wrench high pressure hose joint should not bend excessively or at the root, at least 1.5 times its diameter. When the high-pressure hose of the hydraulic wrench moves to the limit position, it should not be pulled too tightly, but should be relatively relaxed. Avoid the twist deformation of hose as far as [...]

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Attention in Using Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system is widely used now. Our factory specializes in producing hydraulic tools and integrated lifting equipment. Next, Let's discuss the problems needing attention in the use of hydraulic system. Users should understand the working principle of the hydraulic system, be familiar with various operations and adjust the position and direction of the handle.Before driving, [...]

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Attention in Design of Hydraulic Drive System

Let us talk about knowledge of hydraulic drive system today. Our company has been making hydraulic products for many years, including hydraulic spare parts and complete sets of hydraulic equipment. When assembling basic circuits, attention should be paid to preventing interference between circuits and ensuring normal working cycle.Improve the efficiency of the system and prevent [...]

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Attentions in Hydraulic Jacks Lifting Operation

Hydraulic Jacks Lifting operation, we should choose the appropriate tonnage of hydraulic jack: load-bearing capacity can not be overloaded, the choice of hydraulic jack load-bearing capacity needs to be greater than 1.2 times the weight of gravity; the minimum height of hydraulic jack is appropriate, in order to facilitate removal, the minimum height of hydraulic [...]

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Operate Hydraulic Jack

How to operate the hydraulic jack correctly when adjusting the speed? Hydraulic Jack must adjust its speed correctly in application. Only in this way can its performance be fully embodied. Then how should we operate correctly? The following points are elaborated in detail for you: In the process of debugging, the buffer device should be [...]

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Hydraulic Tensioner Operation Precautions

Input high-pressure oil to the hydraulic tensioner cylinder when operate the ultra-high pressure oil pump, the piston starts to work, and the hydraulic tensioner enters the working state. At this time, pay attention to the working pressure of the ultra-high pressure oil pump and the tensile length of the hydraulic tensioners. Control is within the [...]

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