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Attention in Using Hydraulic System

Hydraulic system is widely used now. Our factory specializes in producing hydraulic tools and integrated lifting equipment. Next, Let's discuss the problems needing attention in the use of hydraulic system. Users should understand the working principle of the hydraulic system, be familiar with various operations and adjust the position and direction of the handle.Before driving, [...]

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Attention in Design of Hydraulic Drive System

Let us talk about knowledge of hydraulic drive system today. Our company has been making hydraulic products for many years, including hydraulic spare parts and complete sets of hydraulic equipment. When assembling basic circuits, attention should be paid to preventing interference between circuits and ensuring normal working cycle.Improve the efficiency of the system and prevent [...]

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Attentions in Hydraulic Jacks Lifting Operation

Hydraulic Jacks Lifting operation, we should choose the appropriate tonnage of hydraulic jack: load-bearing capacity can not be overloaded, the choice of hydraulic jack load-bearing capacity needs to be greater than 1.2 times the weight of gravity; the minimum height of hydraulic jack is appropriate, in order to facilitate removal, the minimum height of hydraulic [...]

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Operate Hydraulic Jack

How to operate the hydraulic jack correctly when adjusting the speed? Hydraulic Jack must adjust its speed correctly in application. Only in this way can its performance be fully embodied. Then how should we operate correctly? The following points are elaborated in detail for you: In the process of debugging, the buffer device should be [...]

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Hydraulic Tensioner Operation Precautions

Input high-pressure oil to the hydraulic tensioner cylinder when operate the ultra-high pressure oil pump, the piston starts to work, and the hydraulic tensioner enters the working state. At this time, pay attention to the working pressure of the ultra-high pressure oil pump and the tensile length of the hydraulic tensioners. Control is within the [...]

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Causes of Hydraulic Pump Noise

What are the Causes of Hydraulic Pump Noise? Vibration of pump components caused by flow and pressure fluctuations of hydraulic pumpsSuddenly the oil suction chamber communicates with the oil suction chamber, or suddenly the oil suction chamber communicates with the oil suction chamber, resulting in sudden changes in flow and pressure and noise.Cavitation.The section of [...]

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AIPI Hydraulic Wrench

Use steps of AIPI hydraulic wrenchEnsure reliable power supply.Confirm that there is sufficient hydraulic oil in the hydraulic pump. Turn the power switch to ON, confirm that the remote control switch is at STOP, press SET, press RUN within 5 seconds, and start the hydraulic pump. Observe whether the pressure value is stable at 10 [...]

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Quality of Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic hose in hydraulic wrench is alias high-pressure hose, steel wire high-pressure hose, steel wire braided hose and steel wire wound hose. They are generally divided into steel wire braided hydraulic hoses and steel wire wound hydraulic hoses. How to identify the quality of hydraulic hoses in hydraulic wrench? Look at the outer rubber of [...]

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Working Principle of Hydraulic Wrench

Today, let us talk about working principle of hydraulic wrench, A set of hydraulic wrench is composed of a working head, an electric hydraulic pump, a dual high-pressure oil pipe and a high-strength sleeve. Electric hydraulic pump transmits power source to hydraulic wrench through double high-pressure tubing. More specifically, it generates pressure through motor inside [...]

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Maintenance of Hydraulic Wrench

Maintenance of hydraulic wrench is very important. Deformation may cause the wrench not to rotate for many reasons: it may be that the drive frame and wheel are stuck, causing the wrench not to rotate, or that the wheel and pawl are stuck, or that the spring is dislocated. There are many reasons for this [...]

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