1. Hydraulic Jacks Lifting operation, we should choose the appropriate tonnage of hydraulic jack: load-bearing capacity can not be overloaded, the choice of hydraulic jack load-bearing capacity needs to be greater than 1.2 times the weight of gravity; the minimum height of hydraulic jack is appropriate, in order to facilitate removal, the minimum height of hydraulic jack should be applied to the bottom of the weight. When the pillow supports heavy objects during landing, the lifting height of the hydraulic jack is larger than the sum of the thickness of the pillow and the deformation of the pillow.
  2. If several hydraulic jacks are used to lift the same equipment, the same type of hydraulic jack should be selected, and the sum of rated lifting weight of each hydraulic jack should not be less than 1.5 times the weight of the equipment.
  3. Hydraulic Jack should be wiped clean before use, and should check whether the components are flexible and non-destructive. When there is load, do not unload the quick joint, in order to avoid accidents and damage parts.
  4. Hydraulic jacks lifting should be laid flat before use, not inclined, the bottom should be padded flat, strictly prevent foundation settlement or load migration and make hydraulic jacks inclined or overturned, can be padded at the bottom of hydraulic jacks tough pillow or steel plate to expand the bearing area, so as to avoid falling or sliding accidents; do not use oil-stained wooden boards or plates. The steel plate is used as a backing to prevent slipping and safety accidents while under stress; the lifting position of heavy objects must be a safe and solid part to prevent damage to equipment.
  5. When using a hydraulic jack, you should first try to lift a part of the weight, carefully check that there is no abnormality in the hydraulic jack, and then continue to lift the weight. If it is found that the cushion plate is uneven, unstable or the hydraulic jack is inclined, the hydraulic jack must be relieved and returned to work in time before it can be operated again.
  6. During the lifting process, the safety sleeper frame should be laid under the hydraulic jack in time with the continuous rise of the weight, in order to prevent accidents caused by the inclination of the hydraulic jack or the sudden drop of the piston. When the weight is lowered, the sleeper should be gradually pulled out. The distance between the sleeper and the weight should not exceed the thickness of a sleeper to prevent accidents. !
  7. If the lifting height of a heavy object needs to exceed the rated height of a hydraulic jack, the sleeper should be laid under the weight lifted by the hydraulic jack, the hydraulic jack should be lowered, the bottom of the jack should be raised, and the lifting height should be repeated until the required lifting height is reached.
  8. Hydraulic jack can not be used as permanent support equipment. If long-term support is needed, the supporting part should be added under the weight to ensure that the hydraulic jack is not damaged.
  9. If only one hydraulic jack is used at one end of the lifting weight, the hydraulic jack should be placed on the symmetrical axis of the weight, and the direction of the base length of the hydraulic jack should be the same as that of the easy dumping of the weight. If two hydraulic jacks lifting are used at one end of the weight, the direction of the base should be symmetrically placed on both sides of the symmetrical axis of the weight in a slightly octagonal shape.
  10. When two or more hydraulic jacks are used to lift at the same time, they must be under unified command, coordinated and lifted at the same time.
  11. Hydraulic jacks should be stored in dry and dustless places. They are not suitable for use in workplaces with acid, alkali and corrosive gases, let alone in outdoor sunshine and rain.
Hydraulic Jacks Lifting

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