Hydraulic system is widely used now. Our factory specializes in producing hydraulic tools and integrated lifting equipment. Next, Let’s discuss the problems needing attention in the use of hydraulic system.

  1. Users should understand the working principle of the hydraulic system, be familiar with various operations and adjust the position and direction of the handle.
  2. Before driving, check whether the adjusting handles and handwheels on the system have been moved by unrelated personnel, whether the positions of electrical switches and stroke switches are normal, whether the tools on the main engine are installed correctly and firmly, and then wipe the exposed parts of the guide rail and piston rod before driving.
  3. When driving, first start the hydraulic pump that controls the oil circuit. When there is no special hydraulic pump that controls the oil circuit, the main hydraulic pump can be started directly.
  4. Hydraulic oil should be regularly checked and replaced. For new hydraulic equipment, the tank should be cleaned and replaced after 3 months. Later, clean and change oil every six months to one year.
  5. Oil should be paid attention to at any time during work. When working normally, the temperature of oil in the tank should not exceed 60 C. If the oil temperature is too high, try to cool it and use hydraulic oil with high viscosity. When the temperature is too low, it should be preheated or run intermittently before operation, so that the oil temperature will gradually rise, and then enter the formal working state.
  6. Check the oil level to ensure that the system has enough oil.
  7. The system with exhaust device should be exhausted, and the system without exhaust device should run many times to and fro so that it can discharge gas naturally.
  8. The oil tank shall be sealed and sealed. Air filters shall be installed at the air vents above the oil tank to prevent the invasion of dirt and water. Filtration should be carried out when refueling to make the oil clean.
  9. Coarse and fine filters should be equipped in the system according to the need, and filters should be checked, cleaned and replaced regularly.
  10. For the adjustment of pressure control elements, the pressure control valve of the system, the relief valve, is generally adjusted at first, and the pressure is gradually increased from zero to the prescribed pressure value, then the pressure control valves of each loop are adjusted in turn. The adjusting pressure of the safety relief valve of the main oil pump is generally greater than 10%-25% of the working pressure of the actuator. The pressure valve of a fast-moving hydraulic pump generally has a regulating pressure greater than 10%-20% of the required pressure. If the unloading pressure supply is used to control the oil and lubricating oil lines, the pressure should be kept in the range of 0.3-0.6 MPa. Pressure relay adjustment pressure should generally be lower than the oil supply pressure of 0.3-0.5 MPa.
  11. Flow control valve should be adjusted from small flow to large flow, and should be adjusted step by step. Flow control valves of synchronous motion actuators should be adjusted at the same time to ensure smooth motion.
Hydraulic System

Synchronous Lifting System

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