Let us talk about knowledge of hydraulic drive system today. Our company has been making hydraulic products for many years, including hydraulic spare parts and complete sets of hydraulic equipment.

  1. When assembling basic circuits, attention should be paid to preventing interference between circuits and ensuring normal working cycle.
  2. Improve the efficiency of the system and prevent the system from overheating. For example, low power, throttle speed regulation system can be used; high power, good use of volume speed regulation system; frequent parking and braking, should enable the pump to unload in time; in each working cycle of the system with a large difference in fuel consumption, should consider using accumulator or pressure compensation variable pump equivalent circuit.
  3. Preventing hydraulic shock. For high pressure and large flow system, hydraulic reversing valve should be used instead of solenoid reversing valve to slow down the reversing speed, and accumulator or buffer circuit should be added to eliminate hydraulic shock.
  4. On the premise of satisfying the working cycle and productivity, the system should be simple. The more complex the system is, the more chances of failure will be. The hydraulic drive system should be safe and reliable, and the balance circuit should be set for the executing elements of lifting heavy objects in vertical motion, and the sequential action circuit of stroke control should be adopted for the executing elements with strict sequence action requirements. In addition, there should be interlocking devices and some safety measures.
  5. Standardize and serialize the design as far as possible, and reduce the design of special parts.
Hydraulic Drive System

Hydraulic Heavy Lifting Solution

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