The ultra-high pressure manual pump is made of ultra-high-strength titanium alloy material with high safety and ultra-light weight design. It is about 50% lighter than conventional models, light and easy to carry, and the highest pressure can reach 4000bar. There are 7 different types.
    First, the characteristics of ultra high pressure manual pump
    1. Built-in energy storage mechanism ensures stable pressure. The specially designed fuel tank cap allows the tank seal to be leak-proof or ventilated to balance the air pressure inside and outside the tank. The fuel tank cap seal acts like a safety valve to prevent overpressure in the tank.
    2. The UHV manual pump has a built-in dual pressure relief valve to prevent pressure overload. The relief valve in the check valve prevents the load from falling freely.
    3. high-pressure manual pump double plunger design, two-speed characteristics reduce the number of compression, fast in the load work state at low pressure, immediately converted to high pressure, shortening each cycle. The low-pressure output flow is large, the high-pressure output flow is small, and the maximum pressure output can reach 400Mpa. Even when the maximum working pressure is reached, only a small handle force is required.
    4. The high-pressure manual pump manual control valve is easy to control when unloading, and the safety is slowly reduced.
    5. When the pump head of the ultra-high pressure manual pump is down, it can work in the vertical state.
    6. Suitable for field operations without power and compressed air.

    Second, the application of ultra high pressure manual pump:
    1. Pressing the hydraulic bolt tensioner;
    2. The shearer hydraulic nut is pressed;
    3. Disassembly and assembly of shafts, bearings and bushings with interference fit;
    4. Hydraulic disassembly of the hub and shaft;
    5. Ship steering gear and propeller disassembly;
    6. can be installed and disassembled bearings, couplings, bogies, gears, flywheels;
    7. pressure test.

Ultra High Pressure Manual Pump

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