Use steps of AIPI hydraulic wrench
Ensure reliable power supply.
Confirm that there is sufficient hydraulic oil in the hydraulic pump.
Turn the power switch to ON, confirm that the remote control switch is at STOP, press SET, press RUN within 5 seconds, and start the hydraulic pump. Observe whether the pressure value is stable at 10 000 psi, and if not, continue to operate; if not, use the pressure regulating handle to minimize the pressure, repeat the process several times, and then adjust the pressure to 10 000 psi, and repeat the operation to confirm that the pressure value is stable.
Connect the hydraulic pump to the hydraulic wrench with the attached high-pressure tubing to ensure the reliable connection of the quick-loading joint (insert the male joint into the bottom of the master joint and tighten the thread sleeve with the hand). Repeat the steps contained in the third step without load of the wrench, run the whole hydraulic system empty, press the “RUN” key and hold it until listening. See the “click” sound, release until you hear the “click” sound, then proceed to the next action, repeat the above operation, to confirm that the system works properly.
Place the AIPI hydraulic wrench on the nut to ensure that the reaction arm is firmly supported. Do not put your hand on the reaction arm.
When disassembling nuts, the pressure should be at the highest value, repeat the steps contained in Articles 3 and 4, and carry out the operation. If the nuts are not removed, the rust removal measures shall be taken. If the nuts are not moved, a larger type of wrench shall be used.
When tightening nuts, the pressure value should be determined first. Refer to the instructions in Chinese and English attached to the wrench. Use the pressure regulating handle to adjust to the required pressure. When tightening, until the wrench is operated many times, the wrench has not acted, the nut can be considered to be tightened.
After operation, press the remote control switch to the STOP position, the power switch to the OFF position, pull out the power supply, remove the tubing, butt joint, wipe the hydraulic pump clean, keep it in a dry and ventilated environment, and avoid contacting with chemicals.

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