Conventional hydraulic torque wrench gloves are generally composed of hydraulic torque wrench body, special pump station for hydraulic torque wrench, double high pressure hose and high strength heavy sleeve. Hydraulic torque wrench has two series: driving hydraulic wrench and hollow hydraulic wrench. The advantages are as follows:
Drive hydraulic torque wrench:
Using high-tech aerospace materials and ultra-high strength Al-Ti alloy steel forging, forming the fuselage in one,strengthening the strength and toughness of fuselage in an all-round way.
The tubing joint can rotate 360 x 360. It is free to operate without space restriction.
Trigger lock, easy to press, 360 degree fine-tuning reaction arm can be set at a solid support as you like.
With ratchet wheel with large teeth, the accuracy is as high as (+3%).

Hollow hydraulic torque wrench:
Ultra-high strength Al-Ti alloy steel forging, thin design, double action, high speed, large turning angle Plug-in, interchangeable plug-in, no special tools, torque repetition accuracy as high as (+3%)
Rotating hose joints of 360 x 360 and 180 X360 are suitable for compact occasions and easy to locate.
Spanner strength design is adequate, the overall reaction arm, less moving parts, durable, reliable.
Extensible metric, British hexagonal plug-ins and sleeves to achieve a power head equipped with multiple plug-ins for simultaneous use.
Most of them are used in special conditions: twin nuts, bolts and equipment wall too close, too long bolts, too small nut spacing, etc.

Hexagon Cassettes Torque Wrenches

THW Series Hexagon Cassettes Torque Wrenches Hexagon Cassette Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench Each type of low profile drive unit matches certain range of hexagon cassettes and reducers to cover the maximum range of nut sizes, which are tolerated by the torque value of the same drive unit. When selecting the proper cassette for the […]