Impact wrench, also known as ratchet plate hand and electric tool assembly, is mainly a tool to provide high torque output with minimum consumption. It accelerates the rotation of an object with a certain mass through a continuous power source, and then collides instantaneously with the output axis, so that a relatively large output of torque can be obtained.

Compressed air is the most common power source, but there are also the use of electric or hydraulic, in recent years, the use of batteries is also popular.
Impact wrench is widely used in many industries, such as automobile repair, heavy equipment maintenance, product assembly, major construction projects, installation of steel wire bushes, and any other high-torque output needs.

Pneumatic torque wrench is a kind of torque wrench with high pressure air pump as power source. It is driven by one or two powerful pneumatic motors and a torque multiplier with three or more revolving gears. Torque size is controlled by adjusting gas pressure. To allow specific torque requirements to be set, each tool is equipped with a dedicated air pressure control chart and a correction report. For further application, the pneumatic torque wrench can be matched with the torque sensor at the same time to make the output torque more accurate. After obtaining the required torque, the appropriate loop system can be used to turn off the gas source manually or automatically.

Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench

Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench, Hydraulic Torque Tools, Drive Torque Wrenches,Hydraulics Torque Spanner Features of TWSQ Series Square Drive Hydraulic Torque Wrench: Compact, uni-body designed to give housing maximum strength with minimum weight. It was made of durable , high strength, light weight aircraft alloy. Dual rotation direction ( 360°X-axis * 180°Y-axis ) hydraulic swivel […]View More