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AIPI Participated in CONEXPO-CON/AGG

AIPI participated in the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020, the North America's largest construction trade show. Held every three years in Las Vegas, this massive event features the latest equipment advances and newest technology applications in every aspect of construction.

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Maintenance of Hydraulic Wrench Pressure Reducing Valve

The failure of the hydraulic wrench pressure reducing valve may be because the pressure is too high or lower than the relief valve, or it may be because of unstable pressure. Hydraulic wrench is a tool that is in great demand at work now. With the advantage of "accomplish a great task with little effort [...]

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Various Configurations of Hydraulic Wrench and Hydraulic Pump

As a kind of commonly used bolt dismantling and pretightening equipment, hydraulic wrench occasionally needs two or more hydraulic wrenches to work together except in daily use. As the hydraulic wrench is provided with power source through  pump, we will introduce the connection configuration scheme of commonly used hydraulic wrench and hydraulic wrench pump. Configuration [...]

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Disassembling the Hydraulic Cylinder

Before disassembling the hydraulic cylinder, the hydraulic circuit should be depressurized, otherwise, when the oil pipe joint connected with the cylinder is loosened, the high-pressure oil in the circuit will be ejected rapidly. When the hydraulic circuit is depressurized, first loosen the hand wheel or high-pressure screw at the overflow valve to unload the pressure [...]

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AIPI HYDRAULIC Invites You to CONEXPO-CON / AGG 2020 AIPI Booth: F101931 Date: March 10-14, 2020 Location: Las Vegas, Nevada AIPI HYDRAULIC Invites You to CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2020 AIPI Booth: F101931 / March 10-14, 2020 / Las Vegas, NV TIGHTEN THE SAFETY, LIFT YOUR BUSINESS SAVE OVER 45% ON SHOW ADMISSION AIPI HYDRAULIC invites you to attend CONEXPO-CON/AGG and [...]

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