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Quality of Hydraulic Hose

Hydraulic hose in hydraulic wrench is alias high-pressure hose, steel wire high-pressure hose, steel wire braided hose and steel wire wound hose. They are generally divided into steel wire braided hydraulic hoses and steel wire wound hydraulic hoses. How to identify the quality of hydraulic hoses in hydraulic wrench? Look at the outer rubber of [...]

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Working Principle of Hydraulic Wrench

Today, let us talk about working principle of hydraulic wrench, A set of hydraulic wrench is composed of a working head, an electric hydraulic pump, a dual high-pressure oil pipe and a high-strength sleeve. Electric hydraulic pump transmits power source to hydraulic wrench through double high-pressure tubing. More specifically, it generates pressure through motor inside [...]

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Maintenance of Hydraulic Wrench

Maintenance of hydraulic wrench is very important. Deformation may cause the wrench not to rotate for many reasons: it may be that the drive frame and wheel are stuck, causing the wrench not to rotate, or that the wheel and pawl are stuck, or that the spring is dislocated. There are many reasons for this [...]

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How to choose Hydraulic Bolt Stretchers?

Hydraulic bolt stretchers, as a tool in electric power, shipbuilding, metallurgical coal mine, petrochemical industry, heavy machinery and other fields, is very popular with the majority of users. So, how to choose a hydraulic bolt stretcher suitable for our working conditions? The bolt tension method is to apply external force directly to the end of [...]

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Hydraulic Wrench Pump Station Pressure Instability

The thrust of the hydraulic cylinder F=PA, the output pressure P of the hydraulic pump station is unstable and punctual, the output force F of the hydraulic cylinder will also be shaken, and then the output torque of the hydraulic torque wrench will be unstable, and then the lock of the bolt will be affected. [...]

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Impact Torque Wrench

Impact torque wrench is a hand-held rotary pneumatic tool, which can accurately set the torque to complete the locking or disassembly of nuts and bolts. The control part is realized by voltage regulator and power management system, and the mechanical part adopts planetary gear reduction mechanism. Impact torque wrench operation is quiet - less than [...]

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About Impact wrench

Impact wrench, also known as ratchet plate hand and electric tool assembly, is mainly a tool to provide high torque output with minimum consumption. It accelerates the rotation of an object with a certain mass through a continuous power source, and then collides instantaneously with the output axis, so that a relatively large output of [...]

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Hydraulic Tools Precautions

It is the most important one in hydraulic tools precautions, Before using the hydraulic tools, Please read all technical documents carefully. Try to make the working environment clean. If there is any potential blasting in the atmospheric environment of the working site, you should not use an electric pump. Pneumatic pumps should be used. If [...]

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Hydraulic Pump for Wrench

What causes the hydraulic pump for wrench to problems? There is one important component in the hydraulic wrench: the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump is a power component of the hydraulic system, and is driven by an engine or an electric motor to suck oil from the hydraulic oil tank to form a component that [...]

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Application of Ultra High Pressure Manual Pump

    The ultra-high pressure manual pump is made of ultra-high-strength titanium alloy material with high safety and ultra-light weight design. It is about 50% lighter than conventional models, light and easy to carry, and the highest pressure can reach 4000bar. There are 7 different types.     First, the characteristics of ultra high pressure manual pump     1. Built-in [...]

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