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Features of Manual Pumps

Manual pumps are the power source of thread fastener and fastening device. Accurate control of bolt pre-tightening force can be achieved, and the working pressure of hydraulic oil can reach 300 Mpa. At present, coal, electric power, chemical industry and other industries are using high-strength hydraulic nuts or hydraulic stretchers. Ultra-high pressure manual night wish [...]

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Maintenance of Hydraulic Cylinders

Maintenance of Hydraulic Cylinders When the hydraulic jack is used, the bottom should be flat and tough. Oil-free wood panels to expand the pressure surface for safety. It is not possible to replace the board with iron plates to prevent slipping. It is required to be stable when lifting, and it is necessary to check [...]

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Hydraulic Tools

Hydraulic tools are the organic combination of hydraulic system and common tools as a whole. The powerful hydraulic power will be converted into reciprocating linear motion, rotary motion, cycloid motion and other mechanical movements. A complete hydraulic tool system consists of five parts, namely, power element, actuator element, control element, auxiliary element and hydraulic oil. [...]

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Advantages of Pneumatic Wrench

Pneumatic wrench, also known as ratchet hand and electric tool assembly, is mainly a tool to provide high torque output with minimum consumption. It accelerates the rotation of an object with a certain mass through a continuous power source, and then collides with the output axis instantaneously, so that a relatively large output of torque [...]

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